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Speedy Romeo, located in Brooklyn, NY, is a neighborhood restaurant celebrated for its neo-neapolitan-style pizza and extensive natural wine selection. In 2012, college roommates Justin Bazdarich and Todd Feldman stumbled upon an old auto parts shop in Clinton Hill. Recognizing its potential, they transformed it into a unique establishment—part tavern, part roadside grill—boasting a blend of kitschy décor and modern touches. 

Italian influenced seasonal American cooking at its hottest and freshest. Turning out perfectly charred pizzas, as well mouthwatering pastas, greenmarket salads and appetizers, a tasty burger, there is something for all tastes.

Since its inception, Speedy Romeo has earned acclaim from critics, achieving Michelin-rated status as a destination for both tourists and New Yorkers. Simultaneously, it remains a cherished staple for locals.

Named after co-owner Todd's family champion race horse, Speedy Romeo's portrait has a place of honor in the kitchen.