BLACK BOOK Get Down With 2013's Michelin-Rated Restaurants, October 5, 2012

"I couldn't be more excited about our mention in the Michelin guide," said Speedy Romeo chef and co-owner Justin Bazdarich. "I really see the guide as an honest measure for a restaurant rating, so, it means a lot to me to gain their respect."

TIME OUT NEW YORK The New Pizza Mecca, September 17, 2012

Bazdarich draws on a range of influences for his firm-crusted pies, using a fresh-yeast dough technique he learned during a tour through Naples. There are Italian standards such as the marinara, but many take their cues from classic stateside pizza perversions, like the Hawaiian-inspired Dick Dale ($16): oozing bechamel and cheese, sweet chunks of pineapple, wood-grilled scallions and thin slices of speck. A yawning black-painted-brick oven infuses the robust pies with an unmistakable hint of smoke, and a small pot of house-pickled finger chilies in champagne vinegar accompanies each one at the table.

STLMAG Brooklyn Pizzeria Speedy Romeo Teaches St. Louis a Little About…Provel Cheese?, May 31, 2012

The Saint Louie at Speedy Romeo is indeed a curiosity for both St. Louis and Brooklyn. It is the brainchild of a midwest transplant - co-owner Justin Bazdarich hails from Kansas City - who has taken the pizza of his youth and reimagined it for a new audience on the East Coast. Truth-be-told, St. Louis could learn a thing or two from this Brooklyn-based take on our signature pie…

NEW YORK MAGAZINE The New, New Pizzas, July 2012

The Saint Louie: "They top it with sausage, pepperoni, house-pickled peppers, and a Velveeta-like substance called Provel (a blend of Cheddar, Swiss, and provolone). Then they slice this sinister concoction into little squaresÑwhat the fun-loving citizens of St. Louis call a "party cut." Why would anyone want to smuggle Provel into a mozzarella town like New York? Truth be told, it's not bad on a pizza. Oh, all right, we admit it, it's absolutely delicious."

SERIOUS EATS / SLICE Top This: The Dick Dale (a la Speedy Romeo), June 28, 2012

"The Dick Dale at Speedy Romeo, the newly opened pizzeria in Clinton Hill, brings together speck (or smoked prosciutto), fresh pineapple, charred scallions, and provel on a thin base of bechamel. This is not your typical Hawaiian - it's worlds above."

THE NEW YORK TIMES Speedy Romeo, April 10, 2012

"Do not ignore that jar of pickled chile peppers, placed surreptitiously on your table before the pizza arrives. Scatter its contents over any of Speedy Romeo's pies and you will receive, if not visions, at least a temporary sense that all is right with the world."

 Speedy Romeo: Saint Louie, Louie, Oh Baby, April 6, 2012

"At the end of every year I drop a list of eight pizzas from the previous 12 months that "haunt my dreams." Spoiler: Unless I eat nine better pizzas this year, the Saint Louie at Clinton Hill's Speedy Romeo will be among my great eight of 2012."